The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

July 5, 2024
The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

When envisioning the dental profession, the first images that come to mind are likely those of dentists and hygienists. However, behind the scenes, a pivotal role ensures dental offices begin and operate efficiently - the Dental Consultant. 

At Curate Studios, we understand these experts' indispensable role in the dental industry. They blend clinical expertise with strategic oversight to enhance patient care, improve dental practice management, and ensure compliance with regulations. In this blog post, we will delve into how a Dental Consultant can significantly contribute to developing or growing an independent practice. 


Dental Consultant Services 

Dental Consultants offer a spectrum of consulting and advisory services designed to elevate dental practices. They provide expert advice on improving practice efficiency, patient care, and business operations. Whether it’s strategic planning, practice management, or marketing, Dental Consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to help dental practices thrive. Their insights can lead to more effective practice management and better patient outcomes.

Policy and Procedure Development

The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

Dental Consultants are instrumental in developing and implementing dental care policies and procedures. By staying updated on the latest developments and research in dental care, these consultants ensure that policies are current and evidence-based. Their input helps shape the future of dental practices, making them more effective and patient-centered.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is another critical area that dental consultants significantly impact. They conduct audits and review dental practices to ensure consistent, high-quality care. By identifying areas for improvement, Dental Consultants recommend corrective actions and monitor the performance of dental practitioners. This continuous oversight helps maintain the integrity of dental services and fosters a culture of excellence within dental practices.

Education and Training

Dental Consultants also play a key role in the education and training of dental professionals. They contribute to developing training programs on new techniques, procedures, and regulations. By providing ongoing education, Dental Consultants help dental teams stay current with advancements in the field and improve their skills. This commitment to professional development ensures that patients receive the best possible care.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance 

Ensuring regulatory compliance is another critical responsibility. Dental Consultants help dental practices navigate the complex landscape of local, state, and federal regulations. Depending on their expertise, they guide on legal and ethical issues, ensuring that practices adhere to all necessary standards. This compliance is essential for maintaining the trust and safety of patients.

The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team


Understanding The Vision

Curate Studios is privileged to partner with some of the best Dental Consultants in the industry. When we spoke with 34-year industry veteran Bob Affleck of Dental Coach USA, he offered the following key points of advice for dental practitioners ready to establish their independent practice:

Understand your future goals

It's important to take the time to understand your future goals. To do this, become an expert in your strengths and clearly identify your long-term priorities. Sometimes, it can be challenging to create a clear plan of action if your vision is not well-defined.

Determine your practice size and if you are projecting for multiple locations

Consider the size of your practice and whether you are planning to expand to multiple locations. This information is crucial for developing your financial and business strategies, as well as for determining your preferred locations and construction plans.

Define your mission and practice philosophy

It is imperative that the key components of the client’s values, practice philosophy, strengths, and areas of needed growth are mapped effectively to help elucidate and firmly establish the guiding principles.

A key takeaway from these points is that guiding principles will set the standard by which the rest of the process of creating a new practice is held. They can essentially become the ‘North Star’ that guides your journey.
The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

Key Steps to Reaching the Goal

The decision-making process involved in setting up a new dental practice or expanding an existing one can be complex and overwhelming. Curate Studios recognizes the value of having a Dental Consultant to assist dental practitioners by simplifying the process and outlining the proven steps that lead to success. Dental Consultants also have established connections with other experts, like real estate brokers, dental equipment specialists, and financial advisors, who are crucial for achieving the desired goals. 

Curate Studios asked another of our Dental Consultant industry colleagues, Michael Dinsio of Next Level Consultants, to give us an overview of what these steps can look like. Here is what he had to offer:

Location Strategy

When developing a location strategy, it's essential to deeply understand the demographics of the patient population and the community that your healthcare facility will serve. This includes analyzing factors such as age, income level, cultural background, and healthcare needs to ensure that the facility is well-positioned to meet the specific requirements of the local population.

Site Determination

When selecting a site for your practice, it's essential to carefully assess the square footage required based on the size of your practice. Also, evaluate whether the location is in competition with other local practices to ensure that you choose a suitable and competitive environment for your business.

Business Planning

When creating a business plan, it's crucial to thoroughly analyze the equipment and technology requirements, make future projections, and carefully consider budgetary aspects. Additionally, it's important to seek legal advice to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, it's essential to carefully select a competent and experienced financial advisor or lending institution to ensure that your financial goals are met. Building a strong relationship with your financial backers and advocating for the best interest rates can play a crucial role in establishing a solid and favorable financial plan for the future.

Architectural, Engineering, and Design Processes

The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

Engage with experienced interior designers such as Curate Studios & Architects who have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of dental practices. They can create spaces that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also promote efficiency and optimal outcomes for the practice.


When creating a branding strategy, it is essential to design an image that resonates with the community being served. Setting the practice apart from other practices requires careful consideration of the characteristics that define its unique identity. By identifying and leveraging these distinguishing features, the practice can effectively differentiate itself and make a lasting impression within the community.

Construction Implementation

The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

When undertaking construction implementation for a Dental Office, it is crucial to ensure that the bidding and hiring process for the contractor is carried out meticulously. It's important to select a contractor with specific experience in Dental Office construction, along with the necessary credentials and insurance, to guarantee that the project is completed on time, according to plan, and within the allocated budget. Additionally, implementing a robust project management strategy is essential for successfully executing the construction project.

Hiring and Office Administration

The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

Several important tasks must be remembered regarding hiring and office administration. These include qualifying, hiring, and training your team and staff, creating a seamless patient workflow and experience, and establishing insurance policies and practices. Each of these tasks is crucial for the smooth operation of the office and for delivering high-quality service to patients.

Grand Opening and Post-Launch Operations

After the grand opening, guidance and coaching will be provided to ensure a smooth business operation for the dental practice. These post-launch operations aim to support the business and its team as they transition into daily operations and address any challenges.

The Best Advice

When we asked Bob Affleck (Dental Coach USA) and Michael Dinsio (Next Level Consultants) for their best advice to a dental practitioner beginning this process, here is what they had to offer:

Bob Affleck: “Stick to the plan. Sometimes too many opinions can confuse the decision-making process. A Dental Consultant is your coach, and we are experts in this process. We can help you reach your goals with hundreds of established practices because we know how to execute a successful plan.”
Michael Dinsio: "Running a dental practice is not easy, despite what some may believe. It comes with challenges, but it can be incredibly rewarding. If you're ready to take the plunge, surround yourself with a fantastic professional team and trust them to help you achieve and exceed your goals."

Dental Consultants are the unsung heroes of the dental world, working behind the scenes to ensure dental practices run smoothly and effectively. In a world where dental health is paramount, Dental Consultants ensure that every aspect of dental care—from policy to practice—is optimized for the best possible outcomes.

The Essential Role of Dental Consultants: Assembling Your Team

CONTACT: Information on how to reach the Dental Consultants mentioned above.

Bob Affleck, Dental Practice Coach – Dental Coach USA

Website: www.dentalcoachusa.com

Phone: 949-545-8287

Michael Dinsio, Dental Practice Consultant and Strategist – Next Level Consultants

Website: www.nxlevelconsultants.com

Phone: 720-309-9551

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